US Open Ephemera

I was interviewed for a piece on the 30th anniversary of the US Open the other day…So I dug through some photos of old things I had collected over the years. I need to take better photos…

Poster from ’94. There were two versions of this image: the above (with Shem Roose as the model) and the earlier version with Brian Reed in the same pose. Do the liners on those Stumpys look tall to you?

A gift to me from the Lavecchias. This is double-sided and huge, which would indicate that it was made to fit the sign at the bottom of the Stratton access road…Suzuki sponsored the Open but the Safari was the demo tour that year.

Slalom gate flag. Imagine if that said something like Monsanto or Union Carbide instead of DuPont Supplex?

This could be from ’86 or ’87…

Bandana from the first sponsor/locale of the original event, the Woodstock Inn.

Unissued bib from ’97.

Noah Brandon’s bib from 1993, the first Open I went to.

Let’s say THIS one is from 1987.

And a little something extra, thrown in for good measure…