Greetings from SLC

I have mixed feelings about this town. On one hand, I’ve had some of my most amazing times here, including a week-long stay with some of my best friends, riding and shooting everywhere and everything, watching “Friday” for the first time, then heading east through blizzards, homeward bound, along with another trip with Blotto, Jeremy, and Keegan, where I helped get some of the oddest and best photos of my janky “career”. I also did one of my top ten best turns of all-time on a snowboard at Brighton. On the other hand, I’ve had some of my strangest times here, including being stared through by people in “the club”, being under-served, and spending under 24 hours here for a photoshoot in an airport. (Click on Jer and Keeg’s names for images…)

I spent most of this past week in Salt Lake for a series of meetings with Black Diamond. This week gets to solidly live in the “win” column relative to my experiences in this town. I took a but-tonne (shit’s Old-English for “ton”) of photos…here are a few that I can actually share.

Erik Petersen.

Erik, Tim Bantle, and Michael Jager.

Hal Arneson. Ex Creative Director of Patagonia and Nau.

Chris Grover is one of the sub culture of Sport Climbing’s pioneers, is the VP of Sales for BD.

Christine Dodson.

Got to spend some time with Peter Metcalf, the founder of Black Diamond. Google him. Hands belong to  Amanda Zackem.