Some of this Weekend’s Haul.

It’s that time of year again…
Remnants from the Shaw’s General Store/barn sale.


These, among many others.

I’ve been looking for a pair of these for months now…boom, now I’ve got the deadstock market on obsolete cycling shoes covered.

The fucking Cannibal.

These are way-oversized, not that you care.

Then on to an auction at Broughton’s on Sunday. Ugly scene. Mook pickers, junk dealers, mouth breathers, and the usual voyeurs.

Love this. Added to the pile.

Oh wait, back over to the Shaw’s thing for these Sherpa-like boots.

And of course some wax. I guess I’m supposed to say something about how packaging design was so much better back then.

Ethel Belfanc.

I have your trunks.

Dude tried to swindle me out of this SX that I got as part of a box lot of cameras…was pissed that I had no interest in selling it to him. Part of me feels sorry for these older picker/dealers…their business model has become less and less tenable as the years have gone on. They’ll be either choking on their second-rate inventories or dumping the stuff on eBay for a fraction of the profit they once counted on. Brimfield’s coming up. Heading down with a real group of scoundrels…