Brimfield Haul

I don’t go to Brimfield—or any flea market for that matter—to be inspired.I am not a tourist in these parts. I am not an observer, or worse, a voyeur. Nor am I any other kind of passive participant. Though I eat the food the vendors sell there, that isn’t the limit of my monetary transactions. I am there to engage in the flea market’s primary objective: the exchange of money for goods, old goods. That’s partially why I find it distracting and sometimes frustrating that many of these places—Brimfield in particular—are now overrun with people who have little interest in buying anything. Brimfield has become the “in” thing to “do” with the “do” in this case meaning “dress up in a little costume—that no matter what era it references, probably includes Hunter boots—drive up from Williamsburg, and get in the way of the business of marketing fleas. Eventually, some other subculture or thing or event will find itself being eye-raped by these clowns and the Brimfields and the like will settle back down attendance-wise to a norm, with the only sales hit being taken the food trucks—the only vendors practically guaranteed a sale from the nü-twits.

Ali had been searching for one of these for a few months and I was able to get two of them: big Hobart cabinets–no bullshit card catalog dividers or anything, the real full-width style your mom told you about. I ended up selling one to Evan before I even loaded these in the truck. I also got the two signs above which each have personal meaning. My grandfather worked at Pratt and Whitney back in the day, and Gillette Castle was a place we visited when I was a kid (and as it was where Sherlock Holmes lived, had even more importance to my dad.) So yeah, two nice, unexpected pieces of Connecticut action.

I also picked up yet another ski bike/skibob for the collection. Ali dented the place pretty hard in her travels around the show with Maja. Overall, a great trip, a fine start to the outdoor season. Went down with good people, had good food, find some stuff, and Evan and Draplin threatened to step up to the big leagues by going to Hershey with me in October.