Transportation Disorder

At least think that’s what my Dad’s friend Mark calls it.An attraction to vehicles, the accumulation of more you could ever possibly use, the collecting of materials related to the same. I picked up two one-owner bikes today, neither which I needed, both of which I’m glad I know have.

The first is a Bill Boston, kind of a touring-ish bike, what some would pretentiously term a randoneuring bike nowadays. Bill Boston was one of the first frame builders to bring science into the fitting and building of made-to-order framesets. This is a 1977 model that I thought was going to be a tad on the tall side but it’s proven to be exceptionally comfortable. 27 inch tires skin 40 spoke (!) rims laced to Bullseye (!) hubs. The thing’s a pig but she rolls, man…so well that I’m tempted to use it for D2R2 in the fall.

Next up, an early production 1986 Klein mountain bike. I have wanted one of these for a long time, but would have settled for a later (early ’90s) model…I had no idea they were making these this long ago. This bike is completely original, save for the brake pads. I took it for a spin around the yard, probably the first time I’ve been on a MTB since I lived in Idaho back in 1995 and it felt awesome. I’ve been using it to go to the store a lot and it is so bitchin’.

Well, yeah, and then there was this. After a couple of days using the Boston to commute, I was riding home and felt a “whup, whup, whup” from the back wheel. Got home and saw this.

Will show more detailed posts later.