A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

Chris Partelow, circa 2009. Interested in other photos from JDK?

In 2009 the price for a used Nikon F4 had dropped to less than that of a mid-range digital point-and-shoot. I was able to get the F4S version of one of the only objects I ever truly coveted in my life. These are shots from the first roll of film I ran through it. They represent one day in the life of the studio, including work, jive, going to lunch, and the like, with a client meeting thrown in for good measure. Now that I think about it, these may not be from that camera at all…they may be from a practically new F3HP I came into, or a very old, original-owner Nikkormat I got from someone in Shoreham.

Erik Petersen Leica D-Lux 3

At Forum Snowboards for a presentation.

Erik Petersen and Chris Partelow.

Allison Ross with her and Chris Partelow’s wall of quick art.