My old site had a page that showed a bunch of old boats my family has owned. My dad still uses this page as a reference, so here’s an updated (but still incomplete…boats owned in the ’70s and early ’80s are barely represented here) look at my family’s history with boats.

Baby Whale hydroplane with Lockwood Chief motor.

Early 18′ racing launch with Ford Model T engine. (Under restoration now.)

17′ Chris Craft Model 99

19′ Dee Wite with Ford Model A marine conversion and exposed brass fasteners.

Chris Craft Sportsman

1930 Chris Craft 26′ Triple Cockpit and Chris Craft Sportsman

22′ Chris Craft Cadet

My mom hopping into the Cadet. Boat shoes!

1930 Chris Craft 26′ Triple Cockpit

Y-class Hydroplane “Bad News” (Y-class champion and international record holder)

Chris Craft Silver Arrow

30′ Hacker Triple Cockpit, previously owned by offshore champion Betty Cook.

19′ Chris Craft Utility

Current boathouse

1934 Chris-Craft 27″ Custom